"With videos, live drawing, and tons of audience participation, Jef's visit felt more like a rock concert than an author reading. My students were inspired by his drawings and empowered to make their own."

-Aaron Bennett, Fayerweather Street School, Cambridge, MA

Why have Jef visit your school or library?

1. My visits are dynamic and interactive. They involve music, video, drawing, and, of course, reading. Teachers tell me that my visits feel more like rock concerts than "presentations".

2. Meeting the creator of a book creates a powerful connection between students and books, a connection that will last in the classroom long after my visit.

3. Books and other forms of media are usually presented to young people without any explanation as to how the books were made or who made them. A goal of my visit is to demystify the creative process and to show students that they have the power to create their own books and media.

4. It's fun (both for me and the students)!

The Presentations

In addition to being a writer and illustrator, I am also a musician. As the DJ of a hip-hop group, I use the skills I've learned as a musician and performer to combine music and video, along with traditional reading and drawing, to create attention-grabbing, interactive presentations that appeal to even the "coolest" kids.

I have several presentations, but each can be customized to meet the specific needs of your students. Two for younger children (K-2nd) entitled WHAT IS HIP HOP? and CATS ONLY!, and two for grades 3-6, entitled FROM BRAIN TO BOOK and WHAT THE HECK DO YOU DO ALL DAY?, which demystifies the life of an artist. Of course, since every group of kids is different, every presentation I do turns out differently. Generally, each visit includes a reading of a book or two, a short presentation, and, if desired, a short activity. I'm also happy to autograph kids books.

More about the presentations.

Suggested Audience:
-Grades K-6 (though I'm certainly open to other age groups)
-Maximum number of presentations per day: 3-4

Honorarium: $900 per day plus expenses within a 2-hour drive from Boston, $1200 per day plus expenses elsewhere.

Equipment needs:
-A video projector that can be hooked up to a MacBook Pro
-some sort of appropriately-sized soundsystem that can have an Ipod plugged into it
-an easel with paper and markers
-a small table
-if I'm going to lead the students in an art activity (see below), they will need appropriate art supplies. Generally, paper, pencils, and crayons or markers is all we need, but we can certainly use something fancier if you'd like.

Room requirements: a room that can be darkened so that everyone can see the screen; seating arranged so that everyone can see the screen.

Schedule: Please allow 30 minutes for the initial set-up, and 15 minutes between sessions.

Preparation: Student groups should be familiar with my books.

Travel: Transportation should be arranged to and from the airport, hotel, and schools.

Food:  I'm a vegetarian!

Download all of this information as a PDF.
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