We are a noisy dance band from Somerville, Massachusetts. You can listen to a remix of one of our songs. The original is better. The original is on a split 7" with The Faux (wemissyoukirsten) put out by Mister Records with a swanky hand-silkscreened cover. Our favorite review of this record states very reasonably: "Nice try but nothing to throw away the li'l Pocketknife CD for." We couldn't agree more, even if they do dangle their preposition. We're also got a couple of songs on existing comps, and will have a very-nearly-grunge song on the upcoming Mister Records comp. We're also got big plans for our full-length. Possible catchily-named new genres that we've invented: Postcrunk, Bareback, Neu! England Bass, Freakstyle. Several Plunge Into Death secret production techniques: 1. Plug your guitar directly into the board. Amps are for people who like to carry things. 2. Take your drum samples, increase the amplitude by 5000%, then reduce the result by 50%. That's the sound. 3. We are named after a Jaws II trading card, but I don't think that even Area D knows this. Which brings up the subject of band members. Plunge has always been Area D and Mark E. Moon, except for one time but don't tell Scorchio. It is almost always Mac Swell, and almost as frequently T Digits, who are in our brother band, Big Digits, another noisy dance band that lacks the creepy-old-guy factor that we fully embrace. Plunge has also occasionally been DJ Distortia, once Travers, and at least once a member of the Operators. We are doing a brief east coast tour in May 2005. We'd like to play in your town. E-mail us. We play out quite frequently.

We most likely won't ever update this website, but for show info you should check out the Handstand Command page, or sometimes the Mister Records page. Or better yet, send us an e-mail and we'll put you on a mailing list that we're not so good at maintaining. We like playing fire-hazard basements with almost-broken PAs and sexy people who like to dance and drink piss beer from cans, though we'll play at your bar or club if you ask nice and give us more than 2 drink tickets and don't give us shit if we blow your soundsystem. And please turn the beats up as we don't care if people hear our precious lyrics. Thanks. We have a top secret practice space that we share with the b e s t bands in Boston. This practice space is surrounded by a graveyard, an auto body shop, and the only non-yuppie supermarket in town. This is how we live our lives. We've been called "expansive and pretty". We've played with lots of great bands, but we never wrote all that stuff down. We had a lot of fun with Heloise and the Savoir Faire, but then again we have a lot of fun with a lot of people.

The local "alternative weekly" has described us as a band that "transport[s] Miami bass to Transylvania" and also "Electro/goth-punk/hip-hop wonders who mix hands-in-the-air beats with sassy cheerleading chants, references to subway cars, and Promise Keepers namechecks." They get paid to write those things. Also: are Promise Keepers a band? Several people who have compared us to A.R.E. Weapons. Usually they say something like "You guys remind me of A.R.E. Weapons, but you're actually good." They always seem like they're half-apologizing. We've never heard this band, but one time we saw a promo picture and that was annoying enough. We're guessing they're "ironic". We're not. We like when people make loud fast music that people can dance to. Plus: 1. Just because your drummer figured out how to keep his high-hat closed up real tight and how to do that "disco" beat, that does not make you a dance band. 2. If you're going to sing and act like and worship at the altar of Prince, please ACTUALLY be into weird, freaky, mind-blowing sex, don't just "pretend". Pretending is for country singers. 3. The Neptunes are much better than DFA. 4. Neptune is much better than The Neptunes.