The Somerville Open

The Somerville Open Returns!
Mini-Golf at the Nave Gallery
Oct. 27-Nov. 12
Opening on Oct. 27

Come play a mini-golf course designed by local cartoonists and artists!!!

From Oct. 27 through Nov.12, the Nave Gallery will be transformed into interactive exhibition of miniature golf holes designed and built by artists.

Nine artists, most of them Somervillians and many of them cartoonists, were each asked to interpret the idea of "mini-golf" in their own unique aesthetic. The results vary from the serious to the humorous, and each hole showcases a complete different visual style and style of play.

In Greg Cook's difficult set or ramps and traps entitled "Shipwreck", a ship sails from port and founders on rocks, then a survivor climbs aboard the wreckage and drifts to a desert island.

While in Emily Arkin's "dnuorG teuqorC s'neeuQ ehT", one plays a round of mini-croquet (mini-golf's royal cousin). The wickets are played in card suit order, and any rule broken results in a swift beheading via guillotine, per the orders of the Queen.

Other holes are created by artists Dave Ortega, Raul Gonzalez, Jill Comer, Elaine Bay, Jef Czekaj, Craig Bostick, and Aimee LaPorte.

The exhibit is fully-playable and appropriate for all-ages.

The Nave Gallery is located in the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church at 155 Powderhouse Blvd., Somerville, MA.

For more information, visit the Nave's website.

For more info contact:

Friday, Oct. 27, 6-8 PM
Costume Party!

Pancake Breakfast
Benefit for the Nave
Oct. 28, 11A-1PM, $6,
All you can eat!
Cooked by the artists!

Gallery Hours:
Friday: 5-8PM
Saturday 1-5PM
Sunday 1-3

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Some of the artists, hard at work (hi-res version here).
from left to right: Jill Comer, Raul Gonzalez, Dave Ortega, Elaine Bay, Craig Bostick, Emily Arkin

Wanna see some pictures of the holes at the original event which took place on August 19, 2006 in Union Square?
Try: here or here.

This event is made possible by a grant from
ArtsUnion and the Somerville Arts Council.
Funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.